To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern
My faith is based around the crumbling of all things real
My everyone is no one
My solution is to shelter and sheild what I feel
My fight is to win until everything is done
My poetry is the emptiness found in death
My tears vaporize into remnants of worth
My stars are a painful past that I've kept
My soul longs to leave this earth

To whom it may concern
I've been down this road before
And all I've done is burn
I keep coming back for more
My flame has been extinguished
There are scarrs on my heart
I've given up trying to wish
That I could go back to the start

To whom is may concern
This note holds so much and nothing at all
But no one could ever understand
How many times I stumble and I fall
And when I reach, there is no hand
I've got to do this on my own
I can't depend on this world to let me down
I'm not lonely, but I am alone
I know where my sorrow can be found

To whom it may concern
I'm broken now and I can't be fixed
But I'll scream and I'll kick
Until I can no more.

Raven 2005-2010