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My Merchandise List pg. 2

Tim Skold

· CDs
· Solo CD original artwork
· Solo CD promo artwork
· Neverland EP
· Dead God Promo
· KMFDM 'Adios' CD
· MDFMK "Rabble Rouser" single
· Skold vs. KMFDM CD

· Other
· Skold promotional poster
· 2 Skold stickers
· "Behind the Player" DVD
· Skold vs. KMFDM shirt
· Skold vs. KMFDM poster
· Skold vs. KMFDM sticker

No Doubt·

Self Titled CD·
Beacon Street Collection original release CD·
(2) Beacon Street Collection Reissue CDs·
Tragic Kingdom CD·
Return Of Saturn CD·
Bathwater single·
Ex-Girlfriend single·
Simple Kind Of Life single·
Rock Steady CD·
Limited Edition BONUS CD that comes with Rock Steady (Just A Girl and Underneath it All acoustic in Germany)·
Hella Good single·
Underneath It All single·
Maximum Biography : No Doubt CD (Brit Bio, very lame)·
Unofficial Interview CD from the Tragic Kingdom era·
What You Waiting For? Single·
The Sweet Escape·

(2) Live In The Tragic Kingdom VHS (US version)·
Boom Box (ND videos DVD, Singles CD, Everything In Time, and Live In the Tragic Kingdom on DVD)·
20 Hours of homemade DVDs (various TV shows)·
Live DVD of the Nashville concert Oct. 14, 2002·
No Doubt Rock Steady DVD·
Live in the Tragic Kingdom DVD (bought it again for the extras)·
The Videos DVD (bought it again for the extras)·
Harajuku Lovers Tour DVD·
All of Gwen’s videos·

Checkered Floor Rock Steady Poster·
Rock Steady Poster (Gwen wearing the Rock Steady rings)·
Return Of Saturn Poster (Yellow Background with the band in red outfits ; Gwen giving Peace sign)·
Rock Steady Flat (12x12 in. cardboard poster with the cover of RS one side, and the back on the other)·
Rock Steady Live Flat (12x2 in. cardboard poster with the DVD cover on one side, and the Singles cover on the other side)·
Mini Poster from the Rock Steady Tour·
Tragic Kingdom Poster with the band holding up oranges (came with Orange Crate)·
7 Full page magazine Pictures·
3 Issues Of the February Teen Vogue with Gwen on the cover·
Composition Book Full with magazine pix from all eras·
The Distillers Flyer ; No Doubt was on tour with them, and they are listed on the back along with the tour dates·
Gwen Stefani magazine cover huge poster·

White and Pink shirt from new tour·
Tuxedo shirt with tour dates on back·
Hot Topic Neon old logo·
Red 2009 Tour Shirt with new promo pic on front & tour dates on back·
Just A Girl Baby Tee Shirt·
Black T-Shirt (Says No Doubt Established 1987 and Anaheim CA on the front and No Doubt on the butt)·
Black Cartoon from RS era Baby Tee Shirt·
Black No Doubt Hoodie (From ROS era)·
White Long Sleeve Rock Steady Tour shirt·

Tom's guitar pick from the Atlanta, GA show on June 5th, 2009 - tossed into the audience by Tom!·
No Doubt Bracelet like the Libra one that Gwen wears·
ND necklace that is gold like the one that Gwen wears·
Return Of Saturn necklace (blue glitter with the words No Doubt on it, and a pink Saturn)·
No Doubt wristband (black cloth wristband with the No Doubt Flame on it ; found it at Hot Topic)·
No Doubt wristband (white cloth wristband with the Rock Steady theme on it)·
No Doubt Patch (Rock Steady)·
No Doubt Patch (Old English ; Like the TK font)·
About 15 Huge Stickers (Most of them are in a picture frame )·
No Doubt Orange Crate # 2642 (These were a limited edition item, only 8,000 made. It comes with BSC; Live in the Tragic Kingdom, a sticker, and a poster. Awesome.)·
No Doubt Return of Saturn Calendar·
No Doubt Rock Steady Calendar·
Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Tour Program·
Summer Tour 2009 Program·
Rock Steady Knuckle Rings·
2 Different Postcards·
No Doubt Pins/Buttons (Rock Steady ; 5 pins ; one of each band member, and one of the cover of the CD)·
Bumper sticker·
Guitar Hero controller DiNG!·

Linkin Park

· CDs
· Hybrid Theory
· Reanimation
· Meteora
· LPU 1.0 (Hybrid Theory EP)
· LPU 2.0
· LPU 3.0
· LPU 4.0
· LPU 5.0
· LPU 6.0
· LPU 7.0
· LPU 8.0
· Live in Texas
· Road to Revolution
· Somewhere I Belong Promo CD
· Faint Promo CD
· Collision Course
· Minutes To Midnight - Regular CD
· Minutes To Midnight - Special edition with DVD
· Minutes To Midnight - Special edition with DVD
· Minutes To Midnight - iTunes preorder with LPTV
· Homemade CD with rare songs and interviews

· Singles
· Somewhere I belong Single from Austriala (SIB, Step Up (live), My December (live))
· Crawling
· 2 different Numb singles
· Breaking The Habit
· Faint 45 (Faint and Lying With You)
· What I've Done 7"

· DVDs
· Frat Party at the Pancake Festival
· Meteora - Making Of
· LP videos and live performaces (15 things in all, 5 videos and 10 live performaces)
· Collision Course DVD
· Breaking the Habit (2 different versions)
· LPTV All episodes (both 2003 and 2007)
· Minutes To Midnight special edition DVD
· Road to Revolution DVD
· Two live concerts on DVD
· Homemade DVD of various TV appearances

· Posters
· Red outside from Hyrbid Theory
· Close up of all the boys faces from Meteora
· Magazine insert from Meteora
· Large Meteora Delta
· Metal Edge Poster from 2001
· Circus from Meteora
· Sitting down on crates, Mike in beanie
· Chester in middle, band sitting around him from Meteora
· Various pictures of the band from live shows, bought at FYE

· Shirts
· LPU 1.0 shirt
· LPU 2.0 shirt
· LPU 3.0 shirt
· LPU 4.0 shirt
· LPU 5.0 shirt
· LPU 6.0 shirt
· LPU 7.0 shirt
· LPU 8.0 shirt
· -Navy blue shirt, says Linkin Park across the front with an arrow on the sleeve
· Black hoodie from Hot Topic
· Black Hoodie from the LPU
· Live in Texas shirt
· Meteora jacket
· Red poster printed on shirt
· Black long-sleeved shirt with “Linkin Park” written in green
· Black long sleeved shirt with Hybrid Theory soldier
· Black with yellow writing saying "LINKIN PARK" with flames
· Black with red writing saying "LINKIN PARK" and grenade

· Other Stuff
· LPU 2.0 Keychain
· LPU 2.0 2 guitar picks
· Signed framed 8x10 from LPU 2.0
· Letter from Phoenix from LPU 2.0
· LPU 2.0 stickers (2 different ones)
· LPU 2.0 membership card
· LP clock (Hot Topic)
· LP leather wallet
· LP plastic wallet
· somewhere around 10 full page pin ups
· LP wrist band
· LP backpack
· LP pin
· LP soldier sticker
· USA weekend little magazine looking think with LP on cover and article)
· 7 magainzes with LP all through
· LP Hybrid Theory Font Patch
· 2 Linkin Park pins (one white with soldier and chinese writing, and one black with chinese writing)
· LPDC shoes
· LP pin (Delta with LP sign)
· 2 LP cd cases, one Meteora, and one Hybrid Theory (from Sam Goody)
· Hybrid Theory soldier pendant necklace
· Oval necklace with "Linkin Park" written in it in the graffiti Font
· Small sterling silver pendant with "Linkin Park" in graffiti Font
· 3 Stickers
· LP large calendar
· Key chains, one in grafitti font, and one from Reanimation
· LPU sticker pack of album covers
· 4 pack of pins
· LPU 5.0 key chain
· LPU 5.0 pins
· LPU 5.0 tattoo
· LPU shoelaces
· LPU 7 sticker sheet
· LPU keyring clip
· LPU headphone clips
· LPU 8 guitar pick
· LPU 8 sticker
· LPU 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 packages

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