Back of my Mind

Swirling in an endless rage
Colors turn to black
My mind's in a mental cage
I'm never going back
Days seem to never end
Hours seem so long
My heart will eventually mend
Too many things gone wrong

Hate bitter hate, controlling me forever

Falling in a downward spiral
Pictures go fuzzy and fade
Truth or lies all seem dull
Thinking up things I've made
Dizziness over comes and takes me
Darkness invades my brain
I would like to break free
But still I refrain

Hate, bitter hate, controlling me forever

Fighting a war never meant to be
Killing all my hopes and dreams
Talking to people I don't even see
They are there or so it seems
I feel limp, I can't see straight
My skin is white and cold
I can't decide what's my fate
I feel I'm growing old

Hate bitter hate, controlling me forever

Lightning strikes and thunder booms
Rain is pouring down
Fear and danger in all the rooms
My face, wearing a frown
I'm frightened, lost and mad
Too many things at a time
My heart is so sad
My actions are a crime

Raven 2005-2010