My Merchandise List


· CDs
· Answer That And Stay Fashionable
· Very Proud Of Ya
· Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
· A Fire Inside EP
· Black Sails In The Sunset
· All Hallow's EP
· The Art Of Drowning
· Nitro Restrospect - Unedited
· Sing The Sorrow - Red - Foraminifer CD
· Sing The Sorrow - Red - Dead Bird CD
· Sing The Sorrow - Silver - UK edition - Foraminifer CD
· Sing The Sorrow - Silver - US edition - sealed
· Sing The Sorrow with Clandestine
· Sing The Sorrow with Clandestine
· Girl's Not Grey Poster Pack
· Girl's Not Grey Misprint
· Decemberunderground – Davey
· Decemberunderground - Jade
· Decemberunderground - UK edition
· Decemberunderground - Japanese edition
· Miss Murder single
· Love Like Winter single
· Blaqk Audio - CexCells Best Buy edition
· Blaqk Audio - CexCells Hot Topic edition
· Blaqk Audio - CexCells iTunes edition
· Blaqk Audio - Stiff Kittens single
· I Heard a Voice

· Vinyl
· Miss Murder picture disc
· 7" Decemberunderground box set
· Love Like Winter picture disc
· A Fire Inside EP clear yellow

· Shirts

· T-shirts
· Red and black print with silhouettes of the band's faces
· Grey mother and lightbulb
· Cartoon raven sitting on a root
· Orange background with raven
· Nephilim - "I remain"
· Fallen angel
· Four photos
· Flaming rose
· Despair Faction - third shirt
· Despair Faction - first shirt
· White girl's tee with the band's faces
· Tightrope - "Miss Murder" on back
· Love Like Winter tour shirt - green lips
· Davey face
· Jade face
· Hunter face
· Adam face
· Smith face
· Blaqk Audio - Green Equalizers
· Blaqk Audio - CexCells Tour shirt Blaqk September
· Long Sleeved
· Blue backing with raven - says "A Fire Inside"
· White trees thermal
· "East Bay Hardcore" hoodie
· Decemberunderground hoodie

· Other

· I Heard A Voice DVD
· 6 homemade DVDs of stuff that's been on T.V.
· Under The Rose #1
· Under The Rose #2
· Unofficial Omnibus Press book
· AMP magazine with AFI on the cover
· Outburst magazine with AFI on the cover
· AP Magazine with Blaqk Audio on the cover
· AFI dog tag
· AFI Heart Bracelet from Hot Topic
· Art, Articia, and Heartbat figures
· Patch - Decemberunderground bunnies with AFI in the middle
· Patch - raven sitting on root
· Patch - Despair Faction third package
· Patch - Despair Faction first package
· Pin - Davey face (Decemberunground pin pack)
· Pin - Jade face (Decemberunground pin pack)
· Pin - Hunter face (Decemberunground pin pack)
· Pin - Adam face (Decemberunground pin pack)
· Pin - Decemberunderground cover (Decemberunground pin pack)
· Pin - wings logo
· Pin - raven sitting on root
· Pin - Despair Faction third package
· Pin - Despair Faction first package
· Poster - in the woods
· Poster - sitting on couch
· Poster - standing, looking to the right
· Poster - Despair Faction third package
· Poster – I Heard A Voice promotional – doubled sided
· AFI journal
· AFI Notebook Paper
· AFI Sketchbook
· AFI Folder
· AFI Spiral Notebook
· Bunny logo bandanna
· 4 or 5 full page magazine pictures
· Car decal
· Sticker - Despair Faction third package
· Sticker - Davey's hands
· Sticker - "East Bay Hardcore"
· Sticker - Despair Faction first package
· Serpent messenger bag
· Despair Faction armband
· Drawing book with AFI drawings
· Calendar made at Best Buy using AFI pictures from the Atlanta show
· Over 1,000 pictures saved to the computer (not that that really counts)

Bon Jovi


Bon Jovi·
7800 Fahrenheit·
Slippery When Wet (duel CD/DVD)·
Slippery When Wet·
New Jersey·
Keep The Faith·
Cross Road·
These Days·
One Wild Night·
Wanted Dead or Alive [single]·
Have A Nice Day·
Have A Nice Day (duel CD/DVD)·
Lost Highway·

Slippery When Wet VHS·
New Jersey VHS·
Access All Areas VHS·
Live in London·
Crush Tour·
This Left Feels Right Deluxe Edition·
Bootleg concert DVD of the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City show on Nov. 21, 2004 (acquired in Germany)·
Lost Highway: The Concert·

Black Bounce Tour T-shirt, “special guest Goo Goo Dolls”·
Black Have A Nice Day t-shirt, smirk and crossbones·
Army Green shirt with silhouette faces, Lost Highway Tour shirt·

Double sided One Wild Night·
One Wild Night, band in suites·

Bounce Tour Program·
Smirk Necklace·
Bumper Sticker·

Marilyn Manson

· CDs
· The Spooky Kids: White Trash
· Portrait of an American Family
· Lunchbox Single
· Smells Like Children
· Antichrist Superstar
· Genesis of the Devil
· Mechanical Animals special edition
· Last Tour On Earth
· Holy Wood
· Golden Age of Grotesque with Doppelherz
· mOBSCENE single
· Lest We Forget + DVD
· The Nobodies Single
· Eat Me, Drink Me
· Heart Shaped Glasses single
· The High End of Low
· The High End of Low (Deluxe Edition)

· DVDs
· 5 Homemade DVDs with Interviews
· Guns, God, and Government
· God Is In The T.V. VHS
· Dead To The World VHS
· Doppelherz
· Lest We Forget
· Birth of the Antichrist Bootleg DVD

· Shirts
· Eat Me, Drink Me album cover, black
· Manson on front, Eat Me Drink Me Europe tour dates on back (friend got for me in Amsterdam)
· Manson's face, Hot Topic calls it "Profiles," black
· Bright Young Things, black
· Hoodie with the EMDM "M"s on front, Manson's face on back, black
· Tim Skold/John 5 shirt, black
· HEOL - Manson wearing hat with writing in the background, black

· Posters
· Huuuuge cloth banner from Holy Wood era
· Magazine clippings
· 8x10 Photos

· Other
· Two dogtogs
· Long Hard Road Out Of Hell book
· Marilyn Manson Talks! Book
· Bumper sticker
· Manson's face from Holy Wood era pin

Shotgun Messiah

Shotgun Messiah·
Second Coming·
I Want More EP·
Violent New Breed·

Live in Michigan 1992·
Interviews 1992·
Every Music Video·

I Want More Poster·
Violent New Breed Poster·
First album poster with Zinny·
5 8x10 Photos·

Goo Goo Dolls

· CDs

· Albums:
· First Release
· Jed
· Hold Me Up (x2)
· Super Star Carwash (x2)
· A Boy Named Goo (x2)
· Dizzy Up The Girl (x2)
· What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art, and Commerce
· Gutterflower (x2)
· Live in Buffalo
· Let Love In (x2)
· Let Love In CD + DVD

· Singles
· Long Way Down
· Only One (vinyl)
· Iris (with Lazy Eye)
· Slide (with Iris and acoustic versions of both)
· Slide (with Acoustic #3 and Nothing Can Change You)
· Black Balloon (cassette)
· Black Balloon (CD)
· Here is Gone
· Big Machine
· I'm Still Here

· Other CDs
· Platinum Play EP
· Tribute to New York (9/11) : “American Girl”
· Batman and Robin Soundtrack : “Lazy Eye”
· Tommy Boy Soundtrack : “Wait for the Blackout”
· Freddy’s Dead Soundtrack : “I’m Awake Now”
· Burnt CD of Live, Acoustic, and Rare tracks
· Live from the Lounge With Ryan Seacrest Interview (2 official cd’s)
· Bob and Tom Interview from the radio (cassette)

· Posters
· Reversible poster : Side Showing>John in Front § Other side>Girl swimming in water, blurry
· 12 Gutterflower Flats (3 showing in picture)
· Hold me Up poster with George
· Rare Australian magazine Pull out (in the swimming pool)
· Saturn Ion
· Black Balloon release
· Hold Me Up Flat
· 2 Dizzy Up The Girl Flats
· 5 Foot Dizzy Banner (cloth)
· Gutterflower Tour
· Dizzy Poster John in White tank

· Shirts
· Black Hoodie (Gutterflower)
· White Band on front (Gutterflower)
· Red girl’s hands (Gutterflower)
· White Band on front Diamond Logo on back (Dizzy)
· Grey/Black Baseball T with Spiral and What A Scene (Gutterflower)
· Black girl’s face (Gutterflower)
· Pink baby doll with heart (Dizzy)
· White/Black Baby doll with (Gutterflower) flower
· Black Baby doll with “Goo Goo Dolls” on it, and stars in the o’s
· Black Dizzy Boys on front with beads, back diamond logo
· Black Thorn with big machine Lyrics under it (Gutterflower)
· White radio t-shirt with radio name and words “The Goo Goo Dolls”
· Robby’s Lobby t-shirt
· Black Let Love In cover t-shirt
· Blue Let Love in shirt with the band and two pictures of the girl

· DVDs
· Music in High Places
· Live In Buffalo
· 32 hours of Goo footage on 8 DVDs
· Let Love In bonus DVD

· Pictures
· 11 8x10 Glossy Promos (ranging from First Release through all the records to Gutterflower)
· 8x10 Big Machine Promo ad
· 100 or more Magazine and newspaper clippings
· Gutterflower Tour Program
· Buzzine Magazine with Goos on cover
· Acoustic Guitar World Magazine with John on cover
· Modern Drummer magazine with Mike on cover
· Bass Magazine with Robby interview and pictures inside
· Live pictures from 9 shows that I have been to
· Rare Japanese tour program
· 8x10 Glossy of John in Concert
· Tons of pictures on the computer
· Homemade scrap book

· Other things
· Round Dizzy Up the Girl tour Necklace with chain
· Gutterflower Tour Necklace with chain
· Let Love In Dog tag
· Let Love in washer necklace
· Inner Machine necklace
· Let Love in Wrist band
· All Access Pass (guy gave it to me after show!)
· Backstage Pass
· Black Gutterflower tour panties
· Over 15 stickers from Gutterflower, Dizzy, Let Love In
· 5 pins
· Trading Card featuring the Goos from 1991
· Pick that I caught when John threw it at a show

· Signed Items (all of these are already mentioned, I am just saying the ones that are signed)
· Trading card from 1991
· Gutterflower Flat
· Modern Drummer Magazine
· Hold Me Up Flat
· Ticket
· Gutterflower cd
· Envelope the tickets came in
· 8x10 Glossy of John in concert
· Only one single (vinyl)

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