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My Merchandise List pg. 3


· DVDs
· Official DVDs of Seasons 1-8
· The Woman of Charmed plus extra interviews
· Behind the Magic plus extra interviews
· A couple Music Videos
· Some interviews on the computer that I am putting to DVD soon
· Lady and the Tramp 2 (On VHS) Starring Alyssa Milano
· Heathers DVD (starring Shannen Doherty -- awesome movie!)
· Jawbreaker DVD (starring Rose McGowan)

· Shirts
· (Black) Baby Doll with the words “Charmed” in red
· (Black) Original Cast with Purple writing
· (Black) Original trio in front of moon
· (Black) Girls with smoke behind them
· (Black) New cast (Paige) with colorful shirts on
· (Black) Charmed in purple font sweatshirt

· Magazines
· Issues #1-22 (every one that was put out) of the Official Magazine
· “Stars of the WB” – Charmed pictures and information

· Pictures
· 8x10 Alyssa Milano autograph
· 8x10 Holly Marie Combs autograph
· Postcard size photo with Alyssa, Rose, and Holly autograph
· 3 ft poster with original trio and smoke
· Over 1,100 pictures on computer
· Homemade scrap book with drawings and pictures
· Magazine clippings

· Trading cards
· Season 1 trading cards (all)
· Season 1 binder
· Season 1 cardboard card holder + wrappers
· The Power of Three trading cards (all)
· The Power of three binder
· Charmed Connections trading cards (all)
· Charmed connections binder + wrappers
· Brian Krause Official Season 1 trading card autographed

· Books
· Beware What you Witch For
· Whispers from the Past
· The Book of Three
· 2003 Calendar
· 2004 Calendar
· 2005 Calendar

· Other stuff
· Charmed Soundtrack
· Book of Shadows Soundtrack
· The Power of Three Board Game
· Cushion/Pillow with one side the original cast, and other side fire with logo
· Power of Three bumper sticker
· Sterling Silver Triquetra Earrings
· Triquetra necklace with purple background and the words “Power of Three” on reverse
· Charmed Series 1 Dolls (Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Belthazor + attic)
· Charmed Series 2 Dolls (Phoebe, Piper, Paige, Leo, + Vahalley of the Dolls set)
· Homemade Light switch plate
· Red and Black triquetra pin

Gilmore Girls

Seasons 1-6 on DVD·
Homemade DVD·
Baby doll t-shirt·


· CDs
· Angelfish debut album
· Garbage (debut)
· Version 2.0
· beautifulgarbage
· Bleed Like Me (UK edition)
· Absolute Garbage (special edition with bonus remix CD)

· Singles
· Vow
· Queer Pt. 2 (remixes) [UK import]
· Only Happy When It Rains [UK import]
· Stupid Girl [US version]
· I Think I'm Paranoid, part 1 [UK import]
· I Think I'm Paranoid, part 2 [UK import]
· When I Grow Up [UK import]
· Special [UK import]
· Push It [UK import]
· Push It [US version]
· You Look So Fine [UK import]
· Androgyny [UK import]
· Cherry Lips, part 2 [UK import]
· Why Do You Love Me [European import]

· DVDs
· Absolute Garbage DVD
· Garbage Video (VHS)
· 13 Homemade DVDs
· 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' all of Season 1 and Season 2 on DVDs

· Shirts
· Black shirt from debut album, front says "garbage" & back says "G"
· Blue shirt from Version 2.0, with album cover on front and tour dates on back
· White beautifulgarbage shirt with Shirley's lips & the boys faces, back has tour dates
· White beautifulgarbage baby doll shirt with Shirl's face on front and the word "garbage" in small font at the bottom
· Bleed Like Me shirt -- white print with picture of band standing on front, tour dates on back
· Bleed Like Me shirt -- pink print with the band sitting on couch, nothing on back
· Bleed Like Me shirt -- red duct tape logo on front, "x" duct tape look on the back
· Bleed Like Me zip up hoodie with "Garbage" in a circle and a star on the front
· Version 2.0 black shirt with picture of the band on front (and the word "Garbage" in orange font) and 1999 tour dates on back circling the Garbage sphere

· Miscellaneous
· Sticker -- Feathers logo (2)
· Sticker -- Shirley's "freaky" face with pink font
· Poster -- Promotional Bleed Like Me, double-sided
· Poster -- Bleed Like Me with "photobooth" faces
· Poster -- Debut era, pink and black
· Magazine posters/clippings (from Mexico)
· 15 buttons/pins
· Picture frame with 4 pictures
· 1995 Promo 8x10 framed
· 2005 Promo 8x10 signed by the band
· All of Garbage's b-sides (40 or so)

Predators NHL team

8x10 Jordin Tootoo picture, signed by Jordin·
Cardboard poster of the logo, signed by all the team members plus many rookies that are no longer with the team·
Replica goalie mask·
Wall flag·
Official Specialty License plate (I got Dumont's number!)·
Jersey t-shirt with Jordin's #22 on the back·
Pink baby doll t-shirt with Preds logo·
Blue t-shirt with Preds logo·
Preds logo sweatshirt·
2 different bumper stickers·
Framed 8x10 of the cover of Preds Press when they won a game against the Red Wings during the 2008 Playoffs·
License plate·
License plate frame for back license plate·
Dogtag necklace·
Knitted scarf (I LOVE IT!)·
Hockey puck·
Pencil with hockey puck eraser·
Window cling·

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